Taking the mystery out of mystics...

Don't understand Mystics? Neither do I, especially once I've duct taped their mouth shut for saying "OOP" too many times. Slide updates the EverQuest 2 TenTonHammer Mystic guide to include every spell through level 70.

To become a mystic, you must be a citizen of Qeynos. Other than that, the path to becoming a higher level mystic race really makes no difference. Some of the races have a little more wisdom than others, that won't be a major factor at higher levels. The main thing is that you have to like the race you are playing. You will be the one that is looking at the character every time you log on. So be sure to choose one that is appealing to you. After all, your character is an extention of your personality, especially if you are into role playing, so choose one that you enjoy.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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