EverQuest was the beginning for many players journey into the MMO game world. While it may be discussed less now, it is still played by a faithful group of fans who continue the legacy began almost 10 years ago. RadarX returned this week and examined a few things that have changed over the years such as transportation and progression. Is EverQuest a good fit for you and your friends? Take a look inside to see our verdict.

If there was one aspect of EverQuest which separated it from every other product on the market, the combat was certainly it. A little tricky compared to a modern game like Warhammer Online or World of Warcraft, you are required to pay attention to what was going on. You must face your target at all times and know what each of your abilities does and when to use them. If that wasn't enough, you get new abilities almost every level so keeping track of them can be challenging. The con mechanic also was a little misleading sometimes, but at least it shares similarities with what we find in other games. Red con apparently means able to pull out your spleen through your nose in any game.

Return to the beginning in EverQuest: A Return to the Norrath

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016