You like that, farmers?

The Station Blog at EQVault tackled what happens when SOE smacks around the gold farmers in a recent post.

One aspect of the customer service world at SOE that always gathers comments is that of gold sellers, credit spammers, botters, farmers, real money traders, hackers, exploiters or whatever you would like to call them. This is a topic that you always see on various threads on the forums as well as a multitude of tickets in the queues. Let me get straight to the point and set the record straight as there are so many rumors in regards to what we do or don’t do with the players and accounts associated with these actions. First and foremost, we do take action against such accounts and players. In fact just last week we banned over 12,000 subscriptions (not free accounts or trial accounts but active subscriptions) across the SOE catalog of games (EverQuest II 5,929, Star Wars Galaxies 3,800, Vanguard 572, EverQuest 346, etc.). This isn’t a one time shot; this is a regular result of the time and manpower we put into combating the cheating in each game.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016