Few MMORPGs have managed to stand the test of time and maintain success and a highly passionate community as the original EverQuest. The popular MMORPG celebrates its 12th anniversary this month and to celebrate the event, Sony Online Entertainment has scheduled 12 days of events starting on March 16th for players to take part in ranging from Livecasts, discounts in the Marketplace, Double Experience gains and more.

Additionally, EverQuest II will also have an event starting later this month in which players can traverse through portals back in time to the past world of Norrath. Players will be able to meet heroes and villains from an age long past, and then kill them and take their stuff. Other Norrath-based worlds will also have their own scheduled events. Check out the official announcement on the official EverQuest website for a list of all the anniversary festivities.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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