EverQuest II is going to offer a free-to-play option along with several new subscription plans. At Ten Ton Hammer, we've always felt this title has been one of the most full, enjoyable MMOG experiences available in today's market and the news that it will now be more accessible means exciting times ahead with EverQuest II Extended.

Sony Online Entertainment recognizes the power of their game and as Dave Georgeson steps up to bat as the game's producer, the future is looking brighter still. We got on the phone with Dave to discuss the new revenue model and what, if any, changes this means for the current subscribers. Dave was happy to answer our questions and give us a bit of insight as to their choice for another industry first: offering free-to-play services on completely different servers than those of the current live game subscribers.

In doing this we'll be the biggest, baddest free-to-play opportunity that exists in the world. There isn't anything better that's free-to-play than what we can offer right now. I'm hoping that this makes a big splash and a lot of people find out about it because it is a damn good game.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016