EverQuest II received quite a bit of new content with its Sentinel's Fate expansion, and one section of that content, The Vasty Deep, a group of dungeons is getting a bit of an upgrade. In a new preview for Update 58, SOE details some of the changes coming to the dungeons, mainly the chance that each time a new instance is created, players will have a chance at spawning one of three additional creature, which is a good thing since it offers a chance to get new loot and an increased chance to gain a master spell.

Players who venture into The Vasty Deep may now have to face even more villainous monsters than before. Each time a new instance is created in one of the three dungeons, there's a chance that the group entering the zone will trigger one of three additional creatures. These new creatures will give players the opportunity to earn new loot items, as well as an increased chance of gaining master spells.

Are you ready to face Onayan Custodian, the Globule of Corrupted Blood and the Cana Soulmistress when the update goes live on October 12th? Check out the latest reveal for all the details.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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