Game publishers love to ride the hottest trends, and now that everyone
has made an MMOG, it’s on to the next one – isometric battle arenas.
With the popularity of League
of Legends
and Heroes
of Newerth
, it’s hard to blame Funcom for gobbling up style="text-shadow: none;">Bloodline Champions from
Swedish newcomer Stunlock Studios. But is there enough here to separate
BLC from the rest of the pack? Join Jason Bolton this week as he style="text-shadow: none;"
href="" target="_blank">jumps
into the battle arena to find out.
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style="margin-bottom: 2px; text-shadow: none;"> style="text-shadow: none;">Bloodline Champions is a
hero-based game where you control a single avatar and do battle against
other players or the AI. There are several game maps and three game
types currently offered. There is the standard last player (or team)
standing, a capture the flag game and a control point game. I most
enjoyed the control point game as it had some cool mechanics. There
were unlimited respawns, until one team held all three points and
special powerups at each control point for the team who owned it.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016