Samurai Jack is my hero.

The Escapist takes a good look at Cartoon Network's FusionFall at this year's GDC.

"I've worked at Cartoon Network for eight years," said Chris Waldron, FusionFall's executive producer, "and this game has been my dream for quite a while now."

Targeted to the 8-14 demographic, FusionFall draws from Cartoon Network's TV lineup and then homogenizes all the characters into a more mature, cel-shaded manga art style. For instance, Dexter from Dexter's Lab is about six feet tall in the game, and his shock of red hair has been replaced by a hipper 'do. He also runs a mega-corporation. And instead of high-powered assault rifles and razor-sharp melee weaponry, players can fire bubblegum machine guns and swing parking meters at bad guys.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016