Chris Klug, Creative Director, Stargate Worlds

Listening to Ronnie Wood's live performance of “Seven
Days” at the Dylan 30th Annversary Concert on my iPod. Just
an FYI.

Spent most of yesterday getting ready for the Comic Con trip.
 Going on Southwest at one minute after the 24-hour limit for
the flight to reserve my seat. A48. Not bad.

Reviewed the 2D map design for the Asgard newbie area.
 Approved it.

Worked with Brian, Steve and Dave to fix some story things in the
Castle we didn't think were landing right.  Made changes.

Talked with Steve about our approach to voice directing with the cast
and new actors.

Made travel arrangements for the first official voice session.
 We need to be sure our pipeline works, so I'm going to be
attending that one. Also, the actress playing Laro is someone whose
work I've admired for twenty years, she has appeared in SG-1, so I am
going to take advantage of my job title and attend that session.
 There are some perks of the job.

Aren't you curious why I'm being cryptic about who it is?

In the afternoon the main focus was a stress test we're running every
Tuesday afternoon.  It's crucial for the product that we hit
our ever-increasing numbers every week so we can truly stress the
servers. I've you've been given a beta invite, it's really crucial for
you to show up on time and stay for the whole test.  People
confuse these tests with 'having fun.'  These play sessions
are not about having fun, they are solely about showing up on time and
being present on the server.  Even trying to log in if you
can't get in is useful for us.

Anyhoo, after yesterday's stress test, Brian Heins and I went out for
Indian food (our favorite).  Then I went home, watched an
episode of Entourage and then packed.

Leaving for the airport soon, see ya at Comic Con!

*fade to black with Ellen Foley warbling in the background*

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016