Who says Age of Conan isn't in the holiday spirit? AoC's got caroling... or, rather, venturing around Cimmeria with a foul-mouthed captive companion to gather valiant Aesir warriors. AoC's got wassail... well, it's more like a drinking horn. And AoC has religious services... that is, after you help recapture the Aesirian holy feasting grounds from the Vanir invaders:

"This year, the Vanir’s thirst for conquest and bloodshed was not satisfied during the three first seasons of the year until Winter came. This year, a warband following their leader Gymir Bloodbeard invaded a holy feasting ground of their neighbors, the Aesir, and drove them out. This insult can not go unpunished. The Aesir need to gather their strongest fighters and strike back at the Vanir. And they will need the help of fearless, strong and daring adventurers of Hyboria to reclaim what was rightfully theirs for centuries."

Funcom's Jan Birkeland shares all of Age of Conan's holiday happenings in a Ten Ton Hammer exclusive dev diary: A Bloody Solstice (click here to view)!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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