Last year, Ten Ton Hammer's Danny "Ralsu" Gourley stumbled onto a
little gem of a free-to-play game named href=""
quickly placed the stylized F2P title into his href="" target="_blank">Top
Ten F2P Games list. Since that time, however, the original
publishers of the game have given up their rights and it's now been
announced that well-known publisher Atlus will be picking up the title
for its new online gaming portal. Ten Ton Hammer was able to get an
exclusive interview with Atlus' Kevin Crawford, the portal project
manager, to chat about Atlus' new MMO projects, including style="font-style: italic;">Neo Steam. Check
out the full press release after the Q&A!

Ten Ton
Hammer: Will
Atlus' MMO offer gameplay that is similar to what we see in many of its
retail products? Might we see another turn-based, tactical combat MMO
like Atlantica or maybe something even more "outside the box?"

Kevin Crawford
Our goal is to bring Atlus quality to everything we publish, whether
that is for the console side or online.  We are always
scanning the market for new titles with varying gameplay styles,
including tactical combat MMO’s.

target="_blank">Check out the exclusive Atlus Online and Neo
Steam interview by
clicking here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016