Trading card games seem to be the next big tie-in product for massively
multiplayer online games. Between href=""
target="_blank">World of Warcraft, href=""
target="_blank">EverQuest and href=""
target="_blank">MapleStory, there's thousands of
cards for online game aficionados to collect and cherish. The
developers at SOE Denver recently did an outstanding job with the
creation of the online trading card game href=""
target="_blank">Legends of Norrath, and now
they're set to make a TCG for Sony Online Entertainment's href=""
target="_blank">Star Wars Galaxies. As fans of
Legends of Norrath, the Ten Ton Hammer staff href="" target="_blank">quickly
arranged an
interview with the devs at SOE Denver, but we were also eager
to see a
set of exclusive cards from href=""
target="_blank">Champions of the Force come our
way. Well that moment has arrived! Thanks to the developers behind the
upcoming OTCG, we can proudly display five new loot cards, including
two extremely intriguing cards named href="" target="_blank">Guise
of the Sith and href="" target="_blank">Guise
of the
Apprentice. Who doesn't like glowy eyes, especially in blue
and red
flavors? If you don't, let us know on the forums.

Champions of the Force
Card Images:

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016