The hype for the release of href="" target="_blank">Age
of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

was enormous, and at Ten Ton Hammer we saw a huge influx of new faces
as the game neared its scheduled publication date. Over the last few
years, the popularity of Conan has continued to rise as Dark Horse
released a new comic book series, a new set of novels based on the Age
of Conan

mythos was released, and a single player Conan game hit stores. But the
one thing that hasn't occurred as of yet is the release of a brand new
Conan film. As enormous fans of the franchise, the Ten Ton Hammer staff
took some time to track down Fredrik Malmberg, the president and CEO of
Paradox Entertainment (the company that controls the rights to the
Conan Properties) and talked with Fredrik about the latest attempt at a
Conan movie and how it might be tied in with the Age of Conan

Ton Hammer: In articles about the film, it has been stressed that
staying true to the Robert E. Howard material is critical, how do the
writers plan on adapting his work for both true fans and a larger

Very good question. My team worked closely with the
writers throughout the process, which has been more than a year now. It
is critical that we reach a bigger audience than the existing fanbase
to justify the budget, and yet we are dealing with an R-rated badass
hero with not all politically correct values. New fans need to
understand what made Conan who he is, so we focused on the character
traits that Howard gave us and hope that this will shine through.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016