The world of Norrath has changes in motion that will affect every player from the most hardcore of raiders to the meek tradeskiller. SOE proposes to add a mechanic to allow free upgrades of previously dropped and crafted spells. What impact will this have on the game? Ten Ton Hammer sat down with Lead Content Designer Noel “Ilucide” Walling and Lead Mechanics Designer Jennifer “Kirstie” Gerull who talked about what's in the works.

As I asked for specifics about the process Jennifer pointed out that SOE is trying something new in letting players know about update plans much earlier in the process to procure more player feedback before final implementation. Many of the details are still on the drawing board subject to the discussions and suggestions they receive from the community. The plan they have solidified sounds pretty simple. “What we know we want to do is allow a way for players to upgrade a spell for one character per account by some mechanism in the game. We have the backend worked out, but we really want player input on the interface portion.” This is a very different stance from the earlier days of “We always appreciate feedback, but we have to do what is best for the game.”

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016