For game developers, creating an MMOG is one of the most daunting tasks
imaginable. Thousands of man hours are logged in the creation of even
the most basic MMOG, and the bigger a project gets the longer it takes
developers to produce a final product. So when the group of developers
at Icarus Studios opted to create a skill-based, post-apocalyptic title
that included real time combat and vehicles, the Ten Ton Hammer staff
knew it was going to be a major undertaking. However, it seems the team
and their product - which is titled
Fallen Earth
- are really starting
to come together. Recently, the developers announced that they were
“feature complete” and ready for testing. To find
out more, Ten Ton
Hammer’s Cody “Micajah” Bye sat down with
Fallen Earth’s
lead game
designer Lee Hammock and had an in-depth discussion about the game and
its progress thus far. Please enjoy!

style="font-style: italic;">Ten Ton Hammer: If you could
have the Alpha testers concentrate on one thing, what would it be?

Lee: style="font-style: italic;">Combat. It’s the meat
and potatoes of our game, so we
want it to be as fun as possible. Being an FPS system with a strong PvE
element we’re doing something not many other MMOs have done
and we
still have fine tuning to work out. We’ve got lots of bugs
and stuff to
work out in missions, crafting, etc but the only thing that I real
think needs fine tuning in terms of overall feel is combat.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016