Myths and Reality: An Exclusive Gods & Heroes Q&A with Perpetual Studios' John Danza

Not to be confused with the "Who's The Boss?" star (he probably hates that), John Danza is the boss of the quest design team behind Perpetual Entertainment's Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising, a title that's won our E3 Best of Show award two years running. John recently took some time to talk about the game's mythological backing and gameplay details with us at Ten Ton Hammer.

"Ten Ton Hammer: In mythology, adherents to one god often paid dearly when the relations between different gods changed - Jupiter knocks boots with an unsuspecting farmgirl and gets turned into a goat by a cuckolded Juno, for example. Will players be impacted by shifting favor among the gods, or will things stay fairly calm up there on Mt. Olympus?

John Danza, Gods & Heroes Quest Lead: It is possible that the player characters might do something to offend the gods, thus creating some adverse conditions to overcome, but in general, the player will witness these adversities placed upon many of the NPCs in the world. Thematically, we play on these classic themes and craft quests around them."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016