Just like Batman answering the Bat-Signal, gamers everywhere are chomping at the bit to play DC Universe Online. With its Spring 2011 release getting ever closer, Ten Ton Hammer’s own intrepid reporter, Jeff “Ethec” Woleslagle, infiltrated the hidden lair of SOE. Once inside, he talked to Mark Anderson, Art Director of DCUO, to get the scoop on movement challenges, lore and roleplay possibilities, and the PvP aspects (including the newly announced Meteor mechanic for open PvP) of this superhero MMOG.

Ten Ton Hammer: Is Legend play something you can play from the get-go, or is there a level requirement?

Mark Anderson: Right now, there is a level limit. I don’t think that we’ve publicly announced what we’re going to do with the preorder “play-as-Batman” in terms of level. I think that we’re going to introduce it low enough so that you’ll get a nice experience throughout the game, and we think that it is something that people are really going to enjoy with all the powers tailored to the specific characters and those one-off powers.

Get Ethec's scoop of DCUO's Mark Anderson.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016