A Pirates of the Burning Sea Pre-PAX Pirate Parley with Lead Designer Taylor Danes

Several members of the Flying Lab Software team are planning to avast development on Pirates of the Burning Sea and head to Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Seattle this weekend, where Burning Sea, so long a deep-in-development corner dweller at the big conventions, will announce a release date and make its maiden voyage as a belle of the expo ball. Lead Designer Taylor Daynes sailed in for an entertaining pre-PAX Q&A about the dev team's recent progress with this highly anticipated buccaneer beauty of an MMORPG.

Ten Ton Hammer - We know what a pirate is, we know what a naval officer is, but what's an adventurer? A privateer? Frat boys taking daddy's yacht for a spin? How is playing an adventurer different than playing a pirate?

Taylor Danes, Burning Seas Lead Designer - Adventurers are the Han Solos of our world. They are independent captains, making their way through the world through wit, alliances, and the point of their sword. They can sign up with Trade Companies, or can make a fortune setting up economic ventures like mines or plantations. They can help the Navies with special missions, or they can even play more as "privateers" – daring captains who get Royal permission to act like pirates, so long as they don't target their own countrymen.

Adventurers are the dashing rogues of Pirates of the Burning Sea. They value their independence and freedom, but they are fiercely loyal, and will fight valiantly for their country when the situation gets dire. "

Keep reading to see what else Taylor Dane had to say. Who isn't waiting for this piratey adventure to launch? Let us know you thought in the forums right here at Ten Ton Hammer!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016