As the Ten Ton Hammer staff promised, the next part of href=""
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is alive and kicking! After an exhausting day (and apparently a crappy
mattress later), Jeff went back to his room, sat down and answered href=""
target="_blank">all of your questions that you posted on the
forums yesterday!
On top of that, he's given us a report on how things have been
progressing at the Penny Arcade Expo and given us an inside look into
his pie eating habits. If you think you can handle more href="" target="_blank">Warhammer
Online information, jump into the blog then head back to our
forums to get your questions answered!

QUESTION FOR JEFF: Are the lairs solo or grouped and do they
work like public quests?

Most of the lairs involve fighting the monster who
inhabits it (it is a “lair” after all). These
monsters are generally
very high level and very difficult to kill. With this in mind, it is
probably a good idea to bring a trustworthy group of friends with you
when you go exploring for them.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016