So, here I am, on an airplane heading to Seattle and PAX.  

I actually grew up in the Northwest, in Spokane on the Eastern edge of
Washington State.  Spokane, Seattle, Portland, Tacoma and Port
Townsend – they were all my old stomping grounds.  I
actually fell in love with my wife in Seattle and spent many wonderful
nights in the area, laughing with friends and learning how to
live.  I remember the city very fondly…

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The Penny Arcade Expo is the last stop in the worldwide WAR tour.

I haven’t been back to Seattle in over 15 years
though.  I wonder how the years will have changed
it?  Is Pike Place Market still the place to go for
fish?  Does Seattle’s Best Coffee even exist anymore
or did it get consumed by Starbucks?  What about Dilettante
chocolates?  Is the crazy “Hammery Man”
still standing in the middle of downtown?

As for PAX itself?  It should be absolutely
incredible.  The show has a lot going for it, and is growing
to be “the” North American show to go to and be at
as a game developer.  And we couldn’t ask for better
timing.  target="_blank">WAR is three weeks to launch and
counting, our game is riding high on very positive beta reviews, our
presales are through the roof, we have hit the mark with the game and
PAX is the final leg on our world tour – our last place to
show off before we launch.  It is going to be awesome!

Let me share a little secret with you all; When Ten Ton Hammer asked me
to write this blog for them about my trip to PAX, I was initially
unsure of where to go with it.  Josh and Paul have both
written target="_blank">fairly successful and href=""
target="_blank">popular pieces for TTH, and
neither of them could resist the temptation to point out to me how
popular their attempts were, and how difficult it will be for me to
achieve their greatness.  Josh did have one piece of advice
for me; “get drunk before you write
them”.  Thanks Josh…

…so I decided to blatantly and shamelessly cheat my way into
getting people to read my blog.  Here is my plan;

  • I will reveal to you that they were mean to me when they
    both pointed out that I have no hope in getting the number of readers
    that their blogs received.
  • I will ask and if need be, beg, you all to come and read my
    humble blog attempts in an effort to surpass their reader numbers.
  • As a last ditch, only I can pull this off, underhanded
    maneuver, I will put in each of my blog entries some little tidbits of
    information about Warhammer Online that people may not know.

If all of this fails, then I will be forever trapped in “the
hell of Paul and Josh poking fun at me for the rest of my life about
not being as popular as them” – as the guys from
Big Trouble in Little China would call it.

So, without further ado, here is my blatant attempt at cheating for

Things you may not know
about WAR or have been afraid to ask!

1. Lairs are awesome and
have yet to be really discovered and exploited by the
players.  Let me give you a nudge;

There is a Lair in Nordland.  It is on the other side of the
mountains from Grimmenhagen village, just past Salzemund.  You
have to pass by Salzemund and swim down the coast to find it. 
It, like all Lairs, has a pretty tough boss monster in it that has a
chance of dropping some pretty good loot.

There is a Lair in Western Prague that is tough to find.  Swim
west, up the river from Prague.  Don’t stop until
you see a little cove on your right.  This leads to the
entrance to another Lair that not many people (if any) know about.

2. Has anyone really figured out where the Armor Sets come
from?  Remember there are around 20 for each career...

PvE Sets can come from both PQs, and Dungeons (in higher
levels).  The PQ Sets are generally from rare bags in the
higher level PQs in each Tier.  For a better chance at getting
the rare bags, do the “hard” difficulty
PQs.  The Dungeon Sets are gained in Gunbad, Bastion Stair,
the High Level City Dungeons and Lost Vale.  These are mostly
from the bosses in each wing, though some pieces drop from all monsters
in the dungeons.  Each set will help you get to the next.

RvR Sets are gained in a bunch of different ways.  Some pieces
are gained from killing enemy players of various Renown Ranks, some
from killing the guards around BOs and Keeps, some are purchasable from
Renown Merchants.  Killing Keep and Fortress Lords is an
almost sure fire way of getting the best RvR Set pieces.

City Sets?  I think I will leave that for later…

Respond to my blog with href=""
target="_blank">direct questions on the forums,
and I will read them and try to answer whatever I can in my next blog

More tomorrow from PAX (and more cheating too)!

Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016