To gamers, the most important information you can gather about upcoming
games is anything that deals with them directly. The href=""
target="_blank">Jumpgate Evolution
developers have heard this little tidbit of information time and time
again, and they've come up with a beautiful little informative
developer's journal giving a guide to the Bleakstone Sector in the
upcoming game. Along with the sector guide, NetDevil has also doled out
target="_blank">six exclusive screenshots to run
with the article, on top of the href="" target="_blank">exclusive
fan Q&A we held with the developers. If you're up for
some space combat, make sure you check out this article!

The frontier colony world, Bleakstone (colony est.
86.10.30) is clearly
visible from the station, and the view from orbit is quite pleasant
considering the barrenness of the planet. This attractiveness is mostly
due to its surface brightness, minerals in the rocks giving it a color
similar to dirty ice. Don't be fooled, though, as the planet is hot and
inhospitable. The domed surface colony is mostly concerned with mining,
with most facilities operated by the Zelcane Trust.

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article by clicking here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016