A new race for Lineage 2 and much more!

The deluge of information regarding Lineage II's upcoming
expansion, The Kamael, continues as Ten Ton Hammer managing editor
Cody "Micajah" Bye has posted his initial impressions of the new

Full of descriptions of high-level content, new experiences,
and a general reintroduction to the game, the hands-on preview is a
must read for anyone interested in the new Kamael content. If you're
still not convinced, we've also included several exclusive Final Form
screenshots as well. Enjoy!

As one of the highest level instances in the game, Crystal
Caverns was certainly a challenge for our party. The initial foray met
with some incredibly heavy resistance, and if it wasn't for the
protection of our GM liaison, we would have player wiped several times
over. Though our party did have some experienced L2 players in it, we
were not without our fair share of newbies (myself included) so it was
often a struggle to get past certain areas. The combat was fast and
furious, and I certainly had to make up my fair share of the party
damage or death was quickly upon us.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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