After almost a week of post launch activities, it seems like the new
kid on the MMOG block is here to stay. With href="" target="_blank">Mark
Jacobs proclaiming Warhammer Online as having the smoothest launch
in MMO gaming history, it’s easy to see that the href="" target="_blank">WAR
staff is excited about the future of their game. To really gather the
info about everything post launch related, the Ten Ton Hammer staff sat
down with WAR’s Josh Drescher and Jeff Hickman to find out
exactly what
the team is working on and what sort of plans they have for the future.

Ton Hammer: We talked with Mark [Jacobs] about the downtime and the
pacing of the game. What are your feelings about the pace? It seems
like there’s absolutely zero downtime and it’s a
very intense game. Do
you think there’s a point of burn out?

That’s a great question and it’s
something I actually
worry about a lot. We want to try to balance the amount of downtime you
have with the fun you’re having in the game. We’re
finding right now
that we don’t have to force downtime. Players will actually
choose to
have downtime. They’ll take a break and go to the city of go
craft or
something else.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016