this year’s Leipzig Games Convention, the Ten Ton Hammer
staff took
time out of their busy schedule to track down the developers of href=""
target="_blank">Runes of Magic
and take a look at their upcoming MMO. To say we were surprised would
be an understatement, what we saw was a polished product that easily href=""
target="_blank">received our “Best Free to Play
Game” of the entire convention.

Recently, Frogster Interactive Pictures (the publisher of Runes of
Magic) created a subsidiary branch in the United States with the sole
purpose of pushing their project into the US market. Heading up the
Frogster USA team is Sean Kauppinen, President & CEO, Frogster
America, Inc. Over the past few years, the Ten Ton Hammer team has
gotten to know Sean, and so we tossed a few questions his way
concerning the Frogster deal and his involvement with the new company.
We hope you enjoy the chat!

Ton Hammer: With a new office in the states, does this mean that Runes
of Magic will undergo more beta testing for the US audience?
Localization? Or will the English version of the European game suffice?

Runes of Magic has undergone extensive beta testing
already, with thousands of players joining from the US in the early
beta stages. Having more native speakers in a game always creates a
better experience since language or location specific issues can be
addressed faster and more effectively with greater feedback.
Ultimately, we see the game nearing a quality level that delivers a
compelling experience at launch, and the opening of US servers and the
US office to promote the game will definitely draw more North American
users to ensure testing is complete in the coming weeks.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016