Protecting mankind in the
evilest way possible.

There’s a conspiracy going on, and it’s right
underneath our noses. It
seems that a bit of classified information regarding the highly
secretive “Stargate” government program has fallen
into the hands of
the Ten Ton Hammer staff, and as righteous reporters we can’t
help but
publish the information that we’ve gleaned. These memos come
from the staff at Cheyenne Mountain – which includes names
like Jack
O’Neill and General Hammond – and describes a
covert off world
operation known as Op-CORE. If you’re a concerned citizen of
the United
States, make sure you read these memos.

On top of these, we’ve also gather several reconnaissance
images from
the Op-CORE’s base of operations, which is known ominously as
Castle.” You can see all of those href="" target="_blank">images
by clicking here!

  • target="_blank">To read all the anonymously acquired
    Stargate Command memos, click here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016