For massively multiplayer online gamers, nothing is more thrilling than
the addition of new classes. Not only do they often provide a
completely new experience for player, they also give new players in the
game a fresh set of faces to experience the game with.

Back before the launch of href="" target="_blank"> style="font-style: italic;">Warhammer
Online: Age of Reckoning, the developers at
Entertainment opted to pull out four of their original starting
classes, stating that they just weren't ready to see the light of
release. Since that time the developers have released two of the
classes during a "Heavy Metal" event, and now they've announced the
final two classes to make their way into the original game: href="" target="_blank">the
Slayer and the Orc Choppa.

To pave the way for their upcoming content, Mythic Entertainment's Jeff
Hickman sat down with Cody "Micajah" Bye to get the exclusive scoop on
the Slayer, the Choppa, and the upcoming RvR dungeon "The Land of the
Dead." Make sure you check out the interview, then to hear more about
the upcoming classes stop in to href="" target="_blank">Ten
Ton Hammer's official "Call to
Arms" vooncast tonight featuring the WAR developers talking
about these
new classes and content!

Ten Ton
Hammer: Are these
two going to be the highest melee DPS classes in the game? Where do
they fit in with other melee DPS classes?

Hickman: I
hesitate to answer the question because I don't have good numbers in
front of me, but I can tell you what the goal is. The goal is that
these guys put out a lot of damage. Are they going to be the highest
melee damagers? They're going to be close.

When you compare them to the Witchhunter and the Witch Elf and the
Marauder and the White Lion. they're all going to be similar in the
damage they put out. It really depends on the situation you're in and
which class fits best.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016