By Anna "Morvelaira" Dotson, News Editor

Oh, be still my Gundam heart!

Exteel is a purely pvp based game, built around the concept of
as a sci-fi shooter Mechanaught pilot. Not only is your machine fully
customizable, but you can go around and battle other pilots as well,
usually in a team setting. Let's break this down, shall we?


Well, there really isn't one. Aside from the lovely tutorial
I'll get to in a minute, this is the idea. You are a Mechanaught pilot.
Go. Get better weapons. Wtfnoobpwn people (as it was described to me by
a fellow player).

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Exteel is all about


One of the things I loved most about this game was actually
tutorial. Let me just say that I am -not- a PvP player. I'm horrible at
it. Always have been, probably always will be. The tutorial was great
because it did a great job of teaching basic maneuvers at a good
learning curve. Not too steep, not too tedious. It taught basic and
advanced movement techniques such as using your jet pack, as well as
the basics of using your weapon.

Overheating is a major issue in this game. Pay attention to
weapons so this doesn't happen. If your weapons overheat, you'll
basically be defenseless for the few minutes it takes to either switch
weapons or let your current ones cool down. The missions did a good job
of teaching your how to use weapons in general, and a few specific
types as well. It even gave you a few initial gear upgrades so you
didn't get murdered out of the gate. As a side note, I still got
wtfnoobpwned on a regular basis, but that's my fault, not the game's.

The tutorial is divided into “missions”
lead by Operator Sarah, your
com leader. She remains your com leader throughout the game, but is
mostly relegated to telling you when you joined or left a chat server.
All of the missions revolve around a simple task that requires you to
learn the new ability they've just explained to you. For example, the
first mission is to occupy an area a little ways away from you. This
mission teaches you basic movement, and capturing points (important for
some battle types.)

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You can control giant
robot warriors in Exteel.

Battle Types

There are several different battle types, the most popular
to be CTF (Capture the Flag) and Territory Control. While there is of
course differences because different games, I'd liken these to the
Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin pvp instances in World of Warcraft,
respectively. The goal in CTF is obvious, and territory control is a
team fight to see how dominant a team can be over certain control
points in a given amount of time. The battles, all player created, can
hold anywhere from 2v2 fights to 8v8 fights, depending on the battle
type, and can also be filtered according to level, ranking, etc.


This section is completely overwhelming to me. In addition to
different categories of items that you can change, there are also many
options within each category. You can literally change every part of
your Mechanaught if you want to, but mostly in terms of practicality
than appearance. I know, I'm being such a girl by worrying about
appearance, but I think it would be a good next step for the game. It
doesn't have to be very fancy, but I have to admit if my camera view
wasn't oriented on my character, I wouldn't be able to tell it from the
others, and it's even difficult to do that across teams sometimes.
Adding in some customization to appearances, as well as better
identifiers of teams would go a long way towards making this game more
playable for me.

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There is a bit of
in-game advertising in Exteel.

As for what is currently available in the game, new options in
and weapons are available for purchase with in game currency, which
comes from microtransaction purchases. You should have seen that
coming! No MMO is completely, 100% free to play in every respect.

In-game Advertising

Yes, some of you just hissed and held up the holy symbol of
choice. But I have to say, it's relatively well done in this game. One
thing that helps is that the ads are for other NCSoft games –
particularly Tabula Rasa. There's a small add up in the corner of the
battle select screen, and on billboards throughout some of the arenas.
And since the most popular arena that I've seen is a downtown cityscape
they blend in very well and are very unobtrusive. So unobtrusive, in
fact, that I almost forgot to mention them!

Final Recommendation

Overall, Exteel seems to be a very solid game, built to the
around pvp and dressing up in awesome looking mechanical suits that can
make things go BOOM! It's not something for everyone, especially the
types like me who take more pleasure in the fantasy worlds as opposed
to sci-fi worlds. But, if a game so far out of my genre can make me
squeal with glee as I take down opponent after opponent (it was only
one battle, but I was on FIRE), then those people the game is aimed at
are going to absolutely love it. If PvP in Warcraft and even AoC isn't
enough for you, come on down to Exteel, and we'll make real mechanized
men out of you!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016