NCsoft is cutting another game loose with the cancellation of Exteel, citing that the franchise is no longer financially viable. On September 1st, 2010 all Exteel servers maintained by NCsoft will shut down permanently. The announcement also explains that this is a global shut down and not just the NCsoft servers. Luckily, players that have already invested in Game Time Cards for Exteel won't get the shaft as NCsoft will allow those cards to be used with any of their other games.

NCcoins will no longer be available for sale through our website, and Game Time Cards can no longer be used to add additional coins to any account. Current Game Time Cards that have not been applied can be used for any other NCsoft game. New game account and forum account creation will be disabled. We encourage anyone who has coins currently on your account to spend them as soon as possible. Please use all of your coins as no refunds will be provided.

As a going away present of sorts, all items in the Exteel shop will be available for 1 credit starting in August. So if you have any leftover credits this might be a good time to use them in the final charge to cancellation.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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