The team over at Fallen Earth has been working diligently on the game since its launch only a few short months ago. Already the graphics team has come up with some new ideas to make the environment more crisp, clean, and just plain better looking. Patching in January 7th, a new scrub will be introduced to the game, enhancing the look and feel of the Fallen Earth world. We were able to get some exclusive screenshots and a journal entry from Graphics Programmer, Kevin Coyle.

The biggest issue with our old scrub was the scrub meshes themselves—they were simply a series of intersecting planes that looked ok when viewing them from a distance, but when standing above looking down, they would pretty much be invisible. To fix this, we replaced the old intersecting planes with a full scrub mesh that looks full and covers the ground nicely, whether looking from a distance or straight down.

Read Kevin's full entry and see some before and after shots exclusively at Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016