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Fallen Earth Introduces Blood Sports!

Think you’re special for surviving the apocalypse? Well, you can still get your ass handed to you! With the introduction of Blood Sports, survivors will have the chance to compete in four new PvP matches—Survival, Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Assault. Can you survive an all-out brawl against your fellow wasteland rivals? These new Blood Sports encounters will put your survival instincts to the test!

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style="font-style: italic;">Survival is a 16 player free-for-all firefight.


Survival is a 16 player free-for-all match, rewarding the players who can rack up kills as well as watch their own backs. Scoring is based on both the amount of kills made and deaths incurred, and bonuses will be awarded for kill streaks. Stay alive the longest and kill the most challengers in the 10 minute match period and you will reign supreme!

The Survival levels are designed with a primary room and network of hallways, tunnels and stairs surrounding. On the bottom level, there are loads of cover areas with sniper towers on either side. This should give any type of player plenty of opportunities to unleash carnage on their enemies.

As with all the other Blood Sports encounters, all participants will receive Death Toll, but winners will receive the lion’s share of the reward, which can be used to purchase high-end armor and gear!

Hint: There is a kill switch in this level that players may activate (if they’re able to make it there, that is). Detonate this and you’ll earn points as other challengers succumb to a gruesome “sudden” death. However, watch out, the kill switch respawns and is available again for use in the next round.

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style="font-style: italic;">Deathmatch has only one rule: kill or be killed.


Now that we’ve tackled Survival, are you ready for a full-on blood-bath?!

The setup is the same as Survival; same maps, 16 players, 10 minutes, free-for-all, but with one huge difference…there will be no surviving in this game. Players are encouraged to throw caution to the wind, as the only purpose of Deathmatch is to kill as many times as possible. In a game of Deathmatch, players will earn points based solely on number of kills. The more kills, the more Death Toll points you’ll go away with!

There’s also no kill switch here, kids. You gotta do things the old fashion way—running, ducking, hiding, and brutally killing everyone in your path.

Capture the Flag

Next up is the age-old favorite, Capture the Flag. Grab the other team’s flag and return it to your own base. Sounds easy enough, right…WRONG!

Players face off in teams of eight and are tasked with making their way to the other team’s base to capture the flags, then returning it to their own base to score. Multiple routes throughout the level provide plenty of ways to accomplish this task—players can hide and sneak their way across or gang rush the other team and mow them down. The maps are also completely symmetrical to provide an even playing field for both teams. The flag rooms lie on either end, but don’t forget about the ever-present campers out there who would surely be waiting in the shadows just for the right moment to shoot you in the back.

The team with the most flag captures at the end of 10 minutes wins!

Hint: Think twice about sneaking up on the flag carrier. Unlike most other Capture the Flag games, this flag can be used as a weapon!

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style="font-style: italic;">Assault is a 15-minute objective-based team game.


Last but not least is Assault, where two teams of eight have four main objectives to complete in a 15-minute match. The attacking team must make their way through all four objectives in the shortest amount of time. The defending team must do everything they can to stop the attackers. The objectives are listed below:


  1. Take out a boss monster while the defending team attempts to kill you.
  2. Blow up the doors in the next room by flipping the correct switches. There are six switches in total, and when all 3 pairs have been flipped correctly (hint: timing matters!), the doors will explode.
  3. Carry a total of 15 explosives from point A to point B. Players can pick up 10 at a time, but for every one you pick up, speed decreases by 5% so think strategically.
  4. In this last room, teams must destroy an enemy LifeNet computer. Nothing complicated here, just go postal on the computer and on the defending team.

When time runs out or all objectives are met, teams switch places. Whichever teams completes the objectives the fastest, or makes it the furthest, wins. Ties are possible in Assault.

Anyone willing to brave these encounters will be rewarded with Death Toll points, regardless of how much you suck at it. Everyone wins in the wasteland! Death Toll can be spent on high-end armor and gear, which should help cover up those bruised egos. Now go out there and kill some clones!

Check out the Fallen Earth Blood Sports page for more information about the upcoming patch and a look at some of the new gear!  

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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