Here comes the bride....

If Las Vegas is known for one thing besides gambling, it's marriages and Fan Faire was no different this year. Two players stood among the banquet crowd Saturday night to take their vows before proceeding to an in game ceremony. RadarX had a chance to meet with the happy couple before the wedding and ask about how this epic wedding came about.

While most news was focused on Blizzard actually offering expansion content more than once in 2 years, Fan Faire most certainly had something you couldn't find at Blizzcon. Alcohol, lots of it. Beyond that this was the first time in history an MMO couple tied the knot simultaneously in game and on stage in front of 1500 Fan Faire attendees. Who were these people, and how did they end up here in Las Vegas getting married? Ten Ton Hammer sat down with these two lovebirds to find answers to these questions.

*dabs at joyful tears* You can read about the entire wedding by going here. *sniffs*

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016