It's not about cows (but it smells just like it)

Put on your overalls and grab your pitchfork. Then toss them both out, because we're not talking about that kind of farming. RadarX talks about a few of the negative impacts farming has on Everquest 2 and other MMOs.

First and foremost, farming tears up the economy in a special way. You can see a recent example of this in Everquest 2, with the loot changes to the Ruins of Varsoon and Runneye zones. The addition of numerous pieces of Legendary and Fabled equipment made these zones popular and ripe for the picking. For example, master spells that would cost 90+ gold, can be bought for less than 20 gold and uber equipment galore made its way to the brokers. The value of crafted equipment in those Tier's plummeted and even Adept 1's became too plentiful.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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