Can't Get a Group?

Just launched your MMOG and you can't do a thing with it? Poor Orogurath had the same problem. On the first day of Head Start play in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO), he created a character and headed into the game with high hopes for finding a group and enjoying some adventure. Instead, he was met by a troop of lecherous dwarves, and the sinking feeling that players' priorities had changed since beta.

I gathered my quests and flicked on the LFG flag, confident in an expedient invite…one that never came. I made a quick whiff of the old armpit and looked in the mirror--was it me? Something had drastically changed since the beta, and my mind raced to uncover a reason that was not due to circumstance or poor character hygiene. I logged out, created a more appealing elven female, and tried again. When the results were the same, I began to do a player search. Only six groups were looking for more (LFM). During the beta, you could confidently view 15 or more intrepid alliances looking for like minded tomb robbers or at least some ‘morally unburdened’ laborers. Something was amiss, and I was determined to root out its cause and smite it…verily!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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