More and more content comes out for Warhammer Online as the E3 Expo continues. Today we have an interview from the people over at the FiringSquad who got in touch with Mythic.

FiringSquad: First, there has already been one attempt to turn Warhammer into an MMORPG. Why do you think that version did not come about and how will Mythic avoid the fate of the first game?

Mythic Entertainment: While we can’t comment on the fate of the Climax game, building MMORPG’s is Mythic’s specialty (it’s all we do!) so the future of this game has never been in question. The company has over ten years of experience building online games, with almost five years having been spent working on Dark Age of Camelot. That’s many years worth of learning that we are applying to the development of WAR. In addition, we have a solid technology base from which to work so we aren’t building completely from scratch. Finally, the team has a clear and realistic vision for the design and scope of the game that was fully fleshed out in pre-production. All of these factors mean we’ll be able to deliver an exciting MMO that is true to the Warhammer universe by Q4 2007

You can find the entire article here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016