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In the Outlands, south of Zangarmarsh and west of the Terrokar Forest, you will find the lush prarie of Nagrand. This elemental-filled zone is brimming with adventures for those capable of butting heads against level 64-67s.

Nagrand Map

Let's take a quick tour of the places found in Nagrand, starting with the town of Telaar. Telaar is a draenei city ruled by the Kurenai faction. Be careful of killing the Boulderfist ogres in the the Burning Blade ruins; it lowers your reputation with that faction. This a good place to repair and vendor. There's even an anvil and forge for smelting and crafting uses.

South of Telaar is the Kil'Sorrow Fortress. It is full of cranky orcs who like to chase away lower level characters with a vengeance.

Also in the southern portion of Negrand is the Oshu'gun. According to a Consortium member at Aeris Landing (a Consortium encampment in Nagrand) Oshu'gun is the largest diamond in the universe. The Consortium was going to mine the diamond, but there has been a delay in their plans. At the moment, Oshu'gun is surrounded and inhabited by demons.


Speaking of demons, there are two settlements of them on the western edge of this zone: Forge Camp Hate and Forge Camp Fear. It's obvious that they are up to no good there. The water that is flowing into these encampments is flowing out green.

Northern Nagrand plays host to a group of grouchy Warmaul ogres at the Laughing Skull ruins and the Throne of Elements. The four elemental furies live in this waterfall-edged sanctuary at the edge of Skysong Lake.

Nagrand is also temporary home to Azeroth's most ardent traveler--Hemet Nesingwary. He has set up a safari near the crash of a snake-inhabited plane.

Nesingwary's Safari

Snakes on a plane

PvP is an integral part of this area. The blufftop town of Halaa is constantly being fought over. Control of Halaa gives your faction a buff that increases damage done by 5%. There's also a quartermaster who will exchange some nice gear for tokens looted during the battle for this area.

The Ring of Trials arena is also located in Nagrand. You can join arena battles and it looks as if you will be able to purchase arena team standards from the goblins outside in the future. The ex-arena master is also there, continually reminiscing of days before the goblins took control of the arena.

Ring of Trials

Nagrand is great for gatherers as well. Adamantite and fel iron can be found in the mountains that border the area. Felweed and dreaming glory also flourish throughout the zone.

There are four paths to leave Nagrand. Two are in the north and lead to Zangarmarsh. The Low Path in the southeast leads to Terrokar Forest and the High Path (located above Windyreed Village) leads to the Aldor Rise in Shattarath City.

Check out our Nagrand gallery for exclusive screenshots of this unique Outlands zone.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016