Project Titan. Blizzard's top secret project. A project that has kept fans of the company guessing, hoping, and wishing for the last seven years. Now, in what seems like a blink of an eye, Titan is finished. Development has been canceled and the game (whatever it might have been) has been totally scrapped. This utter dismissal of the project has led us to speculate what this means for the industry, for Blizzard, and for many other things.

One of those things in particular is how Titans cancellation will affect Blizzard's other games, namely World of Warcraft. Since Titan's cancellation is depressing enough, we have decided to hit a positive note and focus on the good things this development could mean for the game we love. Below you will find five positive things Titan's cancellation could mean for World of Warcraft. Enjoy!

More Expansions

Titan was, for all intents and purposes, another MMO. While Blizzard claims that this was to be separate from World of Warcraft and not detract from it, we can't help but feel otherwise. Big, new, and wonderful, Titan would have had the potential to become Blizzard's new “baby”. Assuming it was successful, this could have easily put World of Warcraft in second place.

This could have lead to less expansions, less focus, and less attention given to World of Warcraft. While many will claim that Blizzard has plenty of resources to maintain two MMOs, we have to wonder if they wouldn't have slowly let World of Warcraft slip into the background. With content slowing down and all focus being brought to their glorious new flagship; Titan. Or we could just be recreating that awful moment when we found out we had a new sibling.

More Warcraft

With Titan firmly out of the picture, we can begin to dream of what might be next for Blizzard. The answer here could be more Warcraft. Now you might be thinking, “you have already mentioned more expansions!”. You would be correct, however, the Warcraft I am speaking of here is not World of Warcraft but the original Warcraft, the one that inspired the MMO we love so dearly.

What does that have to do with World of Warcraft? Well, the Warcraft games are the reason WoW exists and where all the wonderful lore that makes our game turn. More Warcraft would mean more lore revealed, more questions answered, and more story lines for World of Warcraft to follow. While another Warcraft game may never come to pass, it is more likely now than ever with the demise of Project Titan.

Attention to Detail

As pointed out earlier, Titan had come to pass, World of Warcraft would have become the older, more stable, less troublesome sibling. Titan would have eaten up much of Blizzard's time and resources. Let's face it, there are a lot of problems that new games experience and it is unlikely that Titan would have escaped them all. This would have deviated much of Blizzard's attention away from World of Warcraft and into Titan.

This could have meant that when it came down to the details, World of Warcraft would have suffered. That tiny bug that needs fixed may have gotten pushed back, new features deemed not important enough may have been left out, and more. With Titan scrapped and World of Warcraft still Blizzard's “big baby”, the company can dote all the attention a mother would on an only child.

No Mass Exodus

Every time a new MMO appears, a host of World of Warcraft players flock to them. In the hopes to find something new, to reignite a spark, or maybe just to try something different. It seems that very few of these games manage to hold their attention for long, but the initial exodus happens regardless.

Now imagine if a new MMO, in this case Titan, were to be released by Blizzard. Even staunch World of Warcraft lovers who had never tried another MMO may be convinced to try a new game create by the company they love. While we will never know, we can only assume that if Titan had been released, a mass exodus of players from one game to the other would have happened.

Extra BlizzCon Time

If Titan had not been scrapped, it could have been revealed at BlizzCon this year. With a game that was so anticipated and secret, it would naturally take up a lot of the time at Blizzard's fan convention. While we are sad to see Titan scrapped, we can hope that because it won't be featured at BlizzCon, World of Warcraft will hold a top spot in the show. One more year of center stage for my favorite game will certainly put a smile on my face.

That wraps up our list of five good things Titan's cancellation could mean for World of Warcraft. Of course, none of the above may have come to pass. The fact of the matter is, we will never know what would have happened with World of Warcraft had been released. However, it is pretty fun to speculate. Keep on the positive note

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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