World of Warcraft is an amazing game, however, some things in game just plain old suck. Some happen to suck a little bit more than others. These things tend to be universally disliked by the player base and some even cause players to unsubscribe from the game. Without a doubt, these items probably shouldn't make their way into any future expansions. Check out our picks for the worst offenders below:


We already know that Garrisons probably are not moving on to future expansions. However, I still think they need to make the list, mostly because another Garrison feature may find its way into the game again. This must not come to pass, as the Garrison is (in this author's opinion) one of the major reasons for the discontent with Dreanor.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the idea of my Garrison. Player housing is something WoW player have wanted for years. However, the way Garrisons were done ended up being the opposite of what most players had in mind. Not only did the Garrison managed to make Professions and materials of no consequence, made players feel obligated to take part in Farmville-like chores, it also isolated players effectively taking the multiplayer out of MMO. Adding anything remotely like the Garrison without a serious overhaul to any future expansion would be a blight on its potential success.


Let me start out by saying I am a staunch supporter of the Horde. In fact, I just recently leveled my first Alliance character. With that being said, I think we can mostly all agree that we have seen just about enough of the Orcs.

Hear me out. I am not calling for mass genocide of the race, I am just saying that maybe it is time to shine the spotlight on other areas of the game. I realize that Orcs will always play a giant role in the game, they have to. However, after multitudes of Orc bosses, Orc themed dungeons, and even an entire expansion (Warlords of Dreanor I am looking at you!) featuring this race of beings, it might be time to give them a little rest. This is a definite case of to much of a good thing.

No Fly Zone

Flying is not coming to Warlords of Dreanor. This recent announcement has the masses in a frenzy. While it was wrong to assume, I think most of us were under the impression that eventually max level players would be able to soar the skies of Dreanor. Now we know, without a doubt, that will never happen.

While the no flying in Dreanor has affected me very little, it has made many other players very unhappy. In fact, the grand majority of players seem to be of the opinion flying needs to be a thing, at least at max level. I don't always get on board with the massive, but this is one time I think Blizzard needs to listen.

Opening flying back up would appease a great many players and allow them to take to the skies while really hurting no one. Players who really want to explore the world by land will do so, without forcing those who choose to skim past things to do the same. Exploring the landscape was nice the first few times, not so much so when you've done it several hundred or more. Not to mention we would finally get to let those beautiful flying mounts off the ground.

Proving Grounds

This is a strange one to put on this list, because I am actually a firm supporter of Proving Grounds. When done correctly, Proving Grounds ensures that players know their class before they enter a group. However, the Proving Grounds are pretty flawed, with some classes and specs struggling more than others, bogus mechanics, and more. It is time to put the old Proving Grounds out with the trash and bring in a new, improvied Proving Grounds that will allow players to test their skills without the headache and heartache.

Easy-Mode Leveling

Finally on our list is easy-mode leveling. While leveling shouldn't be a total grind, it should also be a bit harder than it is now. Getting to max level used to be a slow crawl that was time consuming, but felt like an accomplishment at the end.

Players were able to blow through Draenor in a week or even a few days without breaking a sweat. A slower leveling process allows us to build an emotional attachment to the character, which is extremely important for future enjoyment of the game. The easiest road is not always the best one.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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