No matter how many expansions come out for World of Warcraft there are some things that will never change. One of these things is the events that ultimately frustrate us during the hectic first few days of a launch. These things are typically exactly the same things that infuriated during the last launch and the one before that, yet on launch day we can't help but find ourselves feeling like it is the very first time we have experienced them.

No matter how well planned the launch is, these issues always seem to arise, albeit to different degrees of seriousness and our rage begins anew. Even after telling ourselves that these things happen, it will be fixed, and we should have expected this we can't suppress the little voice that tells us we are upset. Here is a list of my personal picks for the top culprits of the things we love to hate during an expansion launch:

Glitches and Bugs

World of Warcraft players hate us some glitches. Quest turn in not working? Fall through the world? Stuck in flight? All of these things and more have happened to us over the course of WoW history and made us shake our fist at the proverbial powers that be. Even glitches that at first seem amusing lose their appeal when you realize it isn't going to be fixed anytime soon and it has made it nearly impossible for you to play your game. Even though glitches and bugs are to be expected, even though we have seen it happen a million times, it still manages to irk our taters.

Barrens Chat...Everywhere

People tend to get really excited about expansions, with very good reason. It is new content and we are all eager to get into the game and check it out. This excitement has a nasty after effect though. It seems to inspire players to be extra chatty. General Chat is filled with banter between players that may never have spoken in it before. Witty and interesting conversation is absolutely prohibited. Instead, players must engage in chat that one might have expected to see in the Barrens back in the original days of WoW. Chuck Norris jokes, inane questions, and arguments abound and we can't help but sit back and shake our heads. Oh...and where is Mankirk's wife again?


While most of us learned to share around about Kindergarten or so, all those lessons go right out the window when a new expansion launches. We are all in a hurry to get to the next quest, the next mob, and the next reward and we simply don't have time for other people. Forget the fact that this is a multiplier game, it suddenly has become all about us and our instant gratification. Waiting for mobs? Another player steal the quest item you need? Missing out on half an event because someone already started it? Totally and utterly unacceptable!


Nothing draws players back to the game like a new expansion. While I don't have the numbers handy I think it is safe to say the launch of a new expansion probably brings in the most players the servers ever see. Due to this, we are more than likely going to see some queue times, something we aren't used to anymore. So when we eagerly log in to play the expansion we have waited months for, seeing an hour wait time can inspire some of the most exquisite and intense rage on a launch day.

Random Maintenance

You would think, that we would be pleased to see Blizzard attempting to fix the various issues experienced after a launch. But no, we tend to be pretty angry about this too. Especially when the fixing of the problems means that the servers will go down for random maintenance. Throw in the fact that often this maintenance lasts for hours at a time and you basically have the perfect storm. Don't believe me? Go check out any WoW based forums and view the rage for yourself.

That wraps up our list of five things we love to hate during an expansion launch. Remember, these things will pass and eventually we will all be gleefully experiencing the content we want to see. Until then, sit back, breathe, and maybe even let yourself rage a little bit. What would an expansion be, after all, without a little good old fashioned fury at the things we love to hate?

What are some things you love to hate during the expansion launch that didn't make the list? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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