Questions by Cody
“Micajah” Bye, Managing Editor

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Answers by Joon Kim,
Flyff’s Assistant Producer

Flying is fun. Every day hundreds of children dream pretend they can
fly like their favorite super hero or cartoon character, taking to the
skies with arms outstretched or a broom tucked between their legs. style="font-style: italic;">Fly
for Fun (Flyff), an imported free-to-play MMORPG, allows
players to
live out those dreams and take to the skies. Recently, the developers
behind Flyff introduced a brand new version of the game (Version 10)
and the Ten Ton Hammer staff was sent in to investigate the newest
iteration. Cody “Micajah” Bye sat down with
Flyff’s assistant producer, Joon Kim, to find out why gamers
should be interested in Flyff and it’s latest expansion.

Ten Ton Hammer: To start,
could you describe what Fly
for Fun
(Flyff) is all about and what makes
it such an intriguing massively multiplayer online game?

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title="Flyff - Energy Burst"> src="/image/view/16388/preview"

style="font-style: italic;">Flyff has typical MMOG combat plus you can freely fly the skies of Madrigal.

Joon Kim:
First off,
thanks for having us. Fly
for Fun
(Flyff) is a free-to-play MMORPG
developed by Aeonsoft, a subsidiary of GALA Inc. Many people find Flyff
appealing because it is more than just an MMORPG.  While you
can enjoy the game for its leveling and character building aspects, you
can also relax and take time to talk to your friends via the in-game
messenger or freely fly the skies of Madrigal, showing off your keen
sense of Flyff fashion. Flyff is a game that truly holds something for
both the serious and casual gamer alike.

Ten Ton Hammer: It was
recently announced that Flyff would be receiving a substantial update
that includes additions to higher level content as well as new items
for the lower level players. Could you give a brief summary of the new
content and why players should be interested in it?

style="font-weight: bold;">Joon: Our main
attractions for the current update are the new Master and Hero systems
as well as a new area, Volcane Dungeon. The Master and Hero systems
basically provide job advancements for users whose characters have
reached level 120, which is the current level cap. Masters and Heroes
will be allowed to equip armor and weaponry specific to their class
without level restrictions (i.e. a level 60 Master Knight can equip
level 120 armor and weaponry). In addition to the new job systems also
comes a new zone, Volcane dungeon. With the increasing number of high
level characters in game, we felt it necessary to provide a zone more
suited to their needs and exp requirements. A new dungeon boss also
makes his debut, Red Meteonyker; he should prove to be a formidable

Ten Ton Hammer: In
Version 10 you’re going to be adding the Master and Hero
class systems. How do these work compared to other class systems in the

style="font-weight: bold;">Joon: To provide a
little clarity, the Master and Hero class updates are advancements to
the current level 60 jobs that characters can attain. A user advancing
their character through the Master and Hero system will obtain new
abilities and points to augment their character’s strength
even further. Again, any level 120 character can take the path to
become a Master or Hero.

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title="Flyff - Flying Around"> src="/image/view/16387/preview"

style="font-style: italic;">Future updates to
Flyff may include new, faster vehicles.

Ten Ton Hammer: What will
be included in the Master and Hero systems? You mention more skills and
a new job system. How do these work and what will they enhance?

style="font-weight: bold;">Joon: As mentioned
above, the Master and Hero system includes extra growth points, new job
abilities, and the ability to use armor and weaponry without level
restrictions. Growth points contribute to the effectiveness of a job
class’s specific abilities, thus affecting both old and new
job abilities alike.  The new abilities for both Master and
Hero are specialized skills for the job class and will enhance
characters’ roles in parties and soloing alike.

Ten Ton Hammer: 
Flying to different areas and locations seems to be a very integral
part of Flyff. Will any of the new content augment the way you fly
(faster, slower, etc.)?

style="font-weight: bold;">Joon: Flying is
indeed a huge part of Flyff. We allow players the freedom to traverse
the world of Madrigal according to their desires. While none of the
immediate content increases flight speed, future updates may include
new, faster vehicles.

Ten Ton Hammer: Is there
anything in Version 10 that might attract new players to the game?

style="font-weight: bold;">Joon: While catered
specifically for high level users, Version 10 still provides new users
with something to look forward to. Once satisfied and complete in their
early and intermediate campaigns, new users can set their eyes on the
powerful Master and Hero classes and aspire for greatness. And even
before setting foot in Volcane Dungeon to engage Meteonyker, new users
will have to conquer the mighty Kerr, Big Muscle, and Mushmoot in their
respective dungeons, which will keep them entertained for many moons.

Ten Ton Hammer: 
How will the more experienced players be able to
“teach” the younger players about the game? Is it a
mentoring type system, where the mentors get experience as well? Or is
it something else?

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title="Flyff - Posing"> src="/image/view/16386/preview"

style="font-style: italic;">It's time to
celebrate Flyff fans; Version 11 is on the way!

Joon: While
not an
experience-based mentoring system, veteran players will be able to
“teach” younger players by partying with them and
displaying strategies and tactics that only a veteran player would
know. Individuals venturing on the Master and Hero path will have an
even greater wealth of knowledge to share with the more inexperienced

Ten Ton Hammer: Are there
any new monsters or new areas in Version 10? Any other changes besides
those that we discussed?

style="font-weight: bold;">Joon: The majority
of the new content can be found within the new area, Volcane Dungeon.
New monsters and a new dungeon boss await our users there.

Ten Ton Hammer: Is
Version 11 on the way? If so, what sorts of plans are involved with the
next update of the game?

style="font-weight: bold;">Joon: Yes, I am
excited to announce that V11 is on its way! For the time being, I
cannot say much, but stay tuned to the official Flyff site for updates
and announcements!

Ten Ton Hammer: Is there
anything else you’d like to tell the Ten Ton Hammer readers
about Flyff?

style="font-weight: bold;">Joon: Flyff is more
than just an MMORPG. Not only is the world of Madrigal a place to game,
it’s a place to hangout, chat, make friends, and really just
unwind. Come and see for yourself!

The Ten Ton Hammer staff
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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016