Nope, it's not an intentional nerf, so put away those torches and pick axes.
Apparently when using the follow command, the follower will break away if the leader makes more than a minor direction change. This has players inconvenienced by causing many unintentional cliff jumps with no parachutes and unintentional dives into angry enemies.

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With LU23, we have /follow'ing members walking off cliffs, into mobs, because anything beyond a 20-degree turn has the character wandering off on the original vector. I fail to see how this is in ANY way improving our game experience, even if it does affect botters in an adverse way. It affects all of us, not just them. I hope the /follow command is returned to its state prior to this LU, but that's me.

While this is a pretty big aggravation, you've got to admit it's kind of funny.

Imagine your toon on follow while you reach down for your tasty sandwich. Before you know it you're spitting bread crumbs and throwing your sandwich aside as you grasp madly at your keyboard trying to regain controll of your character who is mindlessly careening toward certain death as it runs out of road... and yes, where you're going, you need roads.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016