Tell me more of this football with a round ball.

Football Superstars is making the move to closed beta, so make sure you don't miss the kick off, get your beta application filled out quickly. Long standing as the premier sport in most of the world, football (aka soccer) has struggled to gain traction in north America. Maybe using the MMO model will tap into the underserved American market. In the game, you get to create a virtual you that can play football European style, which means you could make a cyber-soccer player (in American terms), and then:

"Once you've done that you'll be free to explore an interactive football world complete with a full lifestyle experience, learn the basic game skills (full training provided) and compete on your terms in a fully interactive, highly competitive sports MMOG (massively multiplayer online game)."

For more information on the game, the developer and the wacky sport of football, head here. Can a soccer MMO succeed where the actual game has flagged in the states? And more importantly, are you going to play a sports MMO?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016