Gamers everywhere were excited when they heard that Gods and Heroes was not dead, but had been given an imperial reprieve The Roman-mythology based MMOG, initially developed by Perpetual Entertainment, was acquired by Heatwave Interactive. Ten Ton Hammer, in order to learn more details on the state of the game, journeyed to the palatial villa of Heatwave Interactive. There they talked with Anthony Castoro (CEO of Heatwave Interactive), Phil Tittle (Produder), and Theda Sandiford (Marketing Director), and such details were learned.

Heatwave: Also, I think that there’s a certain tone in the game that we’re going to be adjusting. If you play through the game, you’ll find that the context of the setting of the game is very serious, but the conversation aspect of the game is very loose and is slangy and modern, which is jarring. We’re trying to find the right tone for the setting, but also for something that you’ll want to play all the time.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016