How many fantasy RPGs does it take to make a gaming market? Hundreds, if not thousands, apparently. In a day of so many fantasy based RPGs, one has to wonder if another game of the genre will take off, particularly a game that is single player only, with no multiplayer options.

Ten Ton Hammer got together with Dragon Age Executive Producer, Mark Darrah, to talk about just that. We asked Mr. Darrah what BioWare was bringing to the table with the new game, and he shone a light for us on The Philosphy Behind Dragon Age: Origins.

You have to be careful to not chase the trend of the day... The problem is that with the amount of time it takes us to build an IP up from scratch, and introduce it into the market, the trend would probably be long gone. Fantasy goes through cycles, but there’s always an audience for it.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016