Tabula Rasa will be closing it's servers soon and this calls for post mortems from industry bloggers both near and far. No one has a better perspective though than a former NCsoft developer who witnessed the birth and the beginning of the end

As TR moved closer to release, company wide, we were *ordered* to start particpating in weekly playtests. As I mentioned, I wasn’t really fond of shooters, and clung to that Get Out Of Jail Free card fiercely. I mean, being one of the most obnoxiously opinionated persons on internal email lists, along with the whole ranting on the web for a decade thing, having an excuse *not* to have an opinion on That Thing Looming Over All Of Us was pretty sweet.

This blog gives a very interesting outlook on what might have gone wrong and what could have been done differently. Visit the Broken Toys blog to read more!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016