Tired of the dark and despressing city of Freeport? Feeling as though that darned Overlord is getting a lil too bossy? Then betray! You need not be bound to the horrid place any longer, for Savanja is here to walk you through the process of burning those Freeport bridges and moving on to the greener pastures of Qeynos!

The most difficult part is actually betraying Freeport, after that, you simply need to run enough quests to gain Qeynos faction and become a Qeynos citizen. To start your betrayal, speak with Izzay, found within the Blood Haze Inn. He's a little devious looking hooded ratonga. He will give you the quest "Listening in for Qeynos" which starts the whole process of betrayal.

Leave the sewage in the streets behind here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016