We appear to have a special Friday Feedback this week from Lead Designer Paul Sage himself. Discussing in depth the teams current state and goals, he gives insight into not only what is going on with Personal Armor Units, but Clan Control Points as well. Want to know exactly what the Dev team is working on? Check out this weeks feature:

The first feature is a better ‘looking for squad’ system. We want to make sure people can find other players to play our game with. Tabula Rasa is much more fun when you play in a squad, so we need to facilitate that. Speaking of which, one of the things to enhance this system will be a better lock feature. When you lock a target, that target will now stay locked, regardless if it is behind you or not. Furthermore, there will be a lock for friendly and hostile actions. So if you are locked on a friendly, but switch to a hostile weapon, that friendly will still be locked when you switch back. This feature is going into testing now with 1.8.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016