Aggro Me brings us more humor with new expansion and adventure packs for Everquest 2 taken from Smed's exercise bike!!

EQ2 + the land of Oz = Magnificent times for all to be had in king-sized quantities.

I was leveling up my Gags the other night by owning Cogs in Toontown, when suddenly I was ganked by a high level Toon. At first I was annoyed and then I was confused. There is no PvP in Toontown. It could only mean one thing. The Aggro Me l33t Junior High Haxxor Squad had hacked into Toontown to get my attention. Sure enough, I received an e-mail stating "LOL aggro-newb, we found this secrit data when we were haxxorizing Smed's exercise bike with our l33t scriptz - send us phat lewts NOW!"

The data they had skillfully obtained was none other than a press release from SOE's top secret Expansion 4 division. Text follows:

If I hadn't read closely I would have missed the print at the end of the blog!

Credit for the article goes to Karnatos. Except of course for the intro including the AMLJHHS.

Read the blogspot here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016