EQ2, taken literally.

Aggro Me posted a bit of humor on his EQ2 blog today, as is his Friday custom. I found it particularly funny as he writes about the game in the style of the 20th century's greatest authors. Here's two examples:

Ulysses, James Joyce

Riverrun through 'tonica curling round and around the aqueduct pillars a glimmering shimmering snake. Made for the tower, pushing upwards from the hills like a bulbous beacon, stony and rough. The stately, plump Oracle was inside, Oraculus, Oraculo, Oracle.

Charlotte's Web, EB White

Charlotte: Salutations!
Uburtank: WTF?
Charlotte: Salutations!
Uburtank: R U some kind of farmer?!1! LOL
Charlotte: It's my fancy way of saying hello :)
Uburtank: Whatever, noob. /duel.

If you liked these, there's plenty more at Aggro Me!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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