Set phasers to debunk!

More rumors are circulating that Cryptic will be handling the development of Star Trek Online, with the latest one from

In January was the first to mention Cryptic Studios as the possible new home for the “Star Trek Online” MMORPG. Since then evidenced has mounted that Cryptic has the license, with the latest clue coming from sleuthing by board members of Although Cryptic will still not officially acknowledge they are the new license holder, has independently confirmed with sources that they definitely are.

Word is that since acquiring the game Cryptic has been assessing the current state of the game and assets and deciding what to keep and what to change. Cryptic is holding off on making an announcement because they want to make their announcement more than just words and actually have something to show. Before the game died at P2 Entertainment, they had only just showed the first two ‘in game’ images from “Star Trek Online.” P2’s version of the official site was also very short on actual information about the game, with just a smattering of ‘devlogs’ and concept art. Apparently Cryptic want to make it clear that their “Star Trek Online” is alive and well and by no means ‘vaporware.’ So we will still have to wait until they are ready for their big announcement.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016