Ten Ton Hamster had a chance to join a roundtable discussion with some of the lead developers for Cartoon Network’s new MMOG Fusion Fall. This was part I of a three part series that is going to happen over the next few months. We wanted to bring all you Fusion Fall fans the details!

First, let us tell you that this is a fun group of people who are really excited about this game. They have worked hard and long at trying to bring you the best game they can. They have traveled all over the world to work with different companies and people to make this a super special experience!

The focus of this particular part was on a basic overview of the game, security, and Unity the platform on which the game was built. So we are going to go through a few details about the overview to get you familiar with this game. There will be lots more info in days to come so keep checking back!

Fusion Fall has been in development for the past 2.5 years. It is a kid designed world with all your favorite Cartoon Network (CN) characters looking slightly different. They are re-imagined in an anime style. The world is being threatened by Planet Fusion who is trying to ‘goo-ify’ absorb it. You join the Cartoon Network characters in trying to save the planet.

Players will be able play this game using either a Mac or a PC. It will be a combination of an MMORPG, but have the same action you all have with your typical console games. It has world exploring, social networks, and active ‘console-like’ action games. This is going to be a new game play style, created by a company called Unity, geared to players 8 to 14 years old…but is also fun for your parents to play too!

Here are a few Questions that were asked by the Roundtable members:

1. How will leveling up work?

We wanted to have something different. There will be completing levels like in an action game through quests, and collecting fusion matter which will lead players to a mission that will take on the boss of that level. If you complete the mission, it will lead to higher things. We tried to get away from the level ‘grinding’. Leveling will not be a matter of experience (xp) points, it’s really about gathering Nano’s which will grant the user points and buffs to the player. Nano’s are like small sprite versions of CN characters which players collect. It allows players to connect with the characters they are looking for from CN.

2. What type of weaponry will there be?

There will be gear you can collect and clothing, some of which improves your stats and some just make you look silly! Weapons are standard weapons plus fun silly ones too like gumball bazookas and turkey legs. We wanted to keep lots of humor as well!

3. Will there be a Subscription Fee?

We are not announcing business model yet. There will be an extensive free area but we have not determined what will be in US yet. In Korea there will be a cash item store.

4. Is it science fiction or magic?

The game represents the Cartoon Network brand. Therefore, it has a little bit of science fiction, magic, and suburban imagination. It also has techno areas, suburbs, and a wilderness that has fantasy setting. We are trying to get a number of genres throughout the game.

Follow this link to the official Fusion Fall website

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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